After I was Broken, I Learnt About Before…


Before I judge, I try to really look

Before I see, I remember the manuscript was longer than the book

Before I decide, I ask myself what makes me an expert

Before I classify, I realise complexity makes a recipe for a convert

Before I write you off, I remember how painful life can be

Before I label, I know that no-one understands you like He

Before anything, I know there is context, circumstance, reason and feeling

Before lectures, I try wondering how you might be reeling

Before damnation, I ask myself why you could be lying

Before giving up on you, I realise when you’re lying, you’re not crying

Before declaring evil, I look to the community you live in,

Before I give way to fuming anger, I consider how badly humans need to fit in

Before drawing a line dividing two souls, I think how different their shapes will be when they’re old

I hesitate for all of these reasons

I’m slow to decide because I see in people, changes as vast as those witnessed each season

Abandonment and rejection are emblazoned across my old vest

My faith informs me that they were my test

Without my scars I wouldn’t think twice

I wouldn’t remember, try, consider, look, or lie

I would decide without before, I’d be less kind

When I catch myself judging, I remember to pause

I remember that I don’t know enough to weigh up your intentions or your cause

Thank God that the only one who sees it all

Is forgiving and graceful and never judgemental

May this world catch up with Him one day

For such widespread understanding and grace, I pray

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  1. Hey spiritual love blog! I ADORE your blog to bits, so I’m really pleased to have returned the favour, please keep up the spandangly words, you are an inspiration!…Dawny 🙂

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