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Such cruelty to animals is bloody heartbreaking, BUT what we choose to put at the back of our minds is the HUMAN beings that society/us/the world MURDER for profit, and sometimes (too often) animals and children are tortured too. And starved to death! FOR crying out loud, What in the Lords name is wrong with us? 😦 and WHEN are we getting off our ass’s for a big ass WORLD IS NOT HAVING IT ANYMORE day…We need Peace but the world needs our loving STRENGTH! It could be such a beautiful world, if we all UNITED for 7 days! I’m in, who’s in there like swimwear? 🙂 Love a RANTING and always HOPEFUL Dawny Xxxx

Crazy Train To Tinky Town

Karen Wren runs a small animal shelter in Didim, Turkey trying to save abandoned and injured street dogs along with feeding up to eighty other hungry mouthsforest dogs on the beach, at the side of the road and in the forest each and every day. Sterling work don’t you think? There are no thank yous for this type of hero, because that’s exactly what she is although I don’t think she would thank me for saying that. Often when they are no funds, she is the one who puts her hands in her pocket to buy that much-needed dog food particularly during the leaner months when the tourists have all gone home.

About a month ago their shelter was flooded leaving dogs homeless with nowhere else to take refugeflood – imagine the horror of discovering your life long work gone overnight. But fight back they did and have cobbled together with…

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Oh What a Night! :0…


After pondering on a vast number of words and deleting them all

I have just one thing to say

THANKYOU LIFE and ALL that reside in it :)!

(Or maybe 2 or 3 things it seems)

I’m not so thankful for my highly sensitive ‘bits’, but they are there for a reason…

I laughed A LOT last night and it was BLOODY MARVELLOUS!

I plan on doing as much of that as possible, as soon as possible, for as long as possible

Patience is a virtue!

Fear is a foooking nuisance

Hurt is a habit

Faith is a life saver


Love Dawny Xxx