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Personality disorders are incomprehensible to most, unbelievably tough on those with them, and also the family and friends who support and care for us (THANKYOU sooooo much for stepping up where professionals fail. Please read the comments if you have a minute, Jenny’s post about ill treatment is sadly true and I cannot believe the professionals treating us are even allowed to accuse us of attention seeking and ‘faking it’, let alone refuse to give us the benefit of the doubt. I (and many others in the NORWICH area have been abused, mistreated, neglected, insulted, misdiagnosed, mis medicated, bullied, left for dead, let down and most of all…hurt. I am too traumatised to ever go back so I must fight my BPD by being my own therapist…I pray things change soon, and when i’m less angry I will re-blog lots of helpful articles. Get well soon world…Love Dawny xxx


Well, thats if you had it in the first place?  What did she lose, when did she lose it?   Seems to me she has actually found something or is beginning to find, her true self.    Ruby Wax, a lady who back in the day was an all singing all dancing, full on confrontational interviewer of the rich and famous.

I have just watched her at the Chocolate Factory (http://www.menierchocolatefactory.com/ruby_wax_losing_it)  She still portrays that full on human dynamo,  her quick wit to the fore as she charts the effects of a crippling depression that took ahold of her at the peak of her success.  She admits this “depression” has been with her all her life and openly talks about her troubled childhood and how as a teenager not ever fitting into the mould of the blond and beautiful, tall with long “swishy” hair, she decided the only…

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