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How to Change The World Forever! Press Print from The Armchair! :)


The Day ‘Newling’ Changed The World – Dum Dum Duuuummmmmmmmm!

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BRISTOL are the latest forward thinkers on ‘Printing their own currency’ (see link below) – With a little SIMPLIFICATION, One currency could be rolled out worldwide with relative ease

Please bear in mind that if you take away stock markets (which are just game playing with numbers on a large-scale) and also, erase the (IDEA) man-made invention called ‘THE ECONOMY’ – Money is worth the cost of the paper and the ink. TOTAL! The whole world trade system and the linking of currencies – are otherwise known as the 2 methods used to maintain the current (corrupted) way of doing things…FOREVER!

SIMPLIFIED Solution – Design and Print Money at home (The rich make up about 2% of the population). The other 98% are normal people, and most normal people live on or below the bread line. For success, the new money ‘goes live’ when most of the 98% know about it. It needs nationwide (and hopefully worldwide) uptake…making it clear to the rich and powerful, that they are seriously outnumbered (as the rich will resist, but only for so long)money newling

98% of the world population are broke! And 98% have the power to change their lives for the better FOREVER!

‘WAGES in Newling’ – I’m happy to set the bank/building society up, and if employers refuse to pay wages in ‘Newling’, I’ll print you off all the ‘Newling’ you need, until the 2% come round to the idea that they can’t win this one. Then Tesco will be giving you your change in ‘Newlings’ 🙂 Read the rest of this entry

My Conversation With the Sensai


Touching, beautiful, the kinda story everyone wishes for, for their own kids. What great and life changing lessons to learn…Beautiful writing tooooo…I’d recommend it if you’re a sucker for love :)))) Luv Dawny Xxx

who could know then

WordPress Daily Prompt: The Transporter
Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

For me, it’s everytime I read the word or hear the sound Whooosh!

Despite his many flaws my dad was decades ahead of his time, he chased his dreams and captured some of them too. Unfortunately, his wife and kids weren’t always included. It wasn’t often that I got to see him, in fact it was rare. Silently shaved and showered he even managed to shut the aluminum storm door without the inevitable rattle, start up his 1960 white Coupe DeVille which was parked in the driveway just beyond my bedroom window, and leave well before daybreak. The roar of that huge engine never did wake me up, somehow it shifted into park every night without notice too.

I spent the last week of…

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Corporations Own 20% Of Your Genes


Ohhhh MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This pains me! Pains me and as I sit wondering if I have the cheek to keep eating beef when I feel the way I do about cruelty to animals, and here these people are disregarding the processes, the beauty and the perfection of mother nature…Sorry but the arrogance of humankind really does know no bounds! Corporations ay?? How do they sleep at night? Ohhhhh it’s sad 😦

I Want To Be A Tree!


From seed to enlightment, I hope we’ll all be trees

English: tree                            A lifetimes worth of avenues, littered with coloured leaves

All that we do, make our rings

               All that we learn ring the rings, we get wider, sturdier

as our essence find solid Read the rest of this entry