I Want To Be A Tree!


From seed to enlightment, I hope we’ll all be trees

English: tree                            A lifetimes worth of avenues, littered with coloured leaves

All that we do, make our rings

               All that we learn ring the rings, we get wider, sturdier

as our essence find solid

English: tree

Our branches grow slowly for people to hang on

More and more come, so our branches must be strong and long

The beauty of our changing colours, every year and every season

Will reflect the changing nature of us all, and all will see the beauty of our difference

Every year, every season…..our changes will become as accepted as all that is nature

As loved, as we already love all the different coloured leaves we see

For these leaves come from the trees we need to be

I hope the weeds around my feet, never strangle the routes of my ringed growing structure

I will be a tree, I also hope you will be ….

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