Leave Everything, Leave Nothing? Leave History or Hell!



The world was coming to an end

Were all given a time capsule, inside it is an a4 piece of paper and it readstime 1

As we all know, we are coming to the end of the world and there is nothing we can do to stop it now. However, we believe these capsules may survive the chemical explosion. One day a long long way in the future, someone may find yours. You have 200 words at your disposal

Think of all the languages we have, great teachings, beautiful works of art. The internet, books, movies, bibles, history…All gone

The new race would be a complete mystery to the Universe and its new inhabitants

Using what you know about life and all that you were told, and considering the impact these capsules could have on a new bunch of people, just discovering earth, would you consider them richer with yotime2ur advice?

Would you withhold info? And would you tell them why?

Or would you leave it totally blank?

Or would you leave 200 words? If so…What?

There is a perforation at the bottom of the page for you. On this you need to state your reasons for those particular 200 words (or your silence)…Such as

‘My 200 words were aimed at sourcing food, shelter, and first aid skills’

You must then count how many words were used for a collective message, and how many words were used for interpersonal advice…

‘Stay close to your family and help them’ Versus ‘never let anyone take your freedom’time3

I’m undecided, I would LOVE to hear your opinions on this 🙂

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