I’ll have a Diet Coke and a Dose of Leprosy (Please) :)


Hey all you folks on the tinternet!

I have written just 3 or 4 posts in 6 whole months! I’ve missed it a lot, and I’ve noticed that the more often I write, the better I feel. Plus, I still have a weak spot for them orange stars on wordpress…they give me a mini lift ;). I was writing almost everyday for 1 or 2 years before this gargantuan hiatus hit me. I was so self-conscious (whole ‘nother story). I think the creative section of my brain went AWOL

Ideas flowed in and out of me…normallydrunk

I was always thinking, always linking the ‘facts of life’!!! together to illustrate how the puzzle is made real… because of our inter connected lives, in terms of experiences, thoughts and feelings, schooling, families, institutions, careers, friends and lovers etc. Our similarities are wide-reaching, and bigger (more meaningful) than our differences. I truly believe that…


This post was meant to just be about alcohol, so I’ll get on the topic right about now

I used to absolutely LOVE getting drunk with my friends and having a bloody good time


My body started having a strange reaction to it. The first time it happened I drunk 2 sips of lager maximum and I could feel it poisoning me instantly. Every now and then I will think of a new concoction, try it, it would work once (I’d get drunk and have fun)…The next week I’d order the very same drink from the previous weekend and I would feel its toxic journey throughout my body

May sound a little dramatic, ‘toxic journeys and being poisoned’ but that is how it is

The OTT reaction may be down to the medications I take daily (I was medication free during my major years of drinking )…who knows???

If I had a choice in the matter, I’d choose to get bladdered with my mates every now and then cos it was great great FUN! I miss the dynamics, I miss the laughter, I miss feeling less awkward as the drinks lowered all of our inhibitions. I miss peeing with one of my gal pals – her rdrunk 1eady and waiting to pass the loo roll

Now I don’t drink at all!

Expect for random moments when I see a new ‘girly beer/cider’ on the market and I decide to try it, only to get the same result – alcohol poisoning (what did Einstein say about the definition of insanity???)

Of all the choices we make, you’d think that refraining from a drink would be pretty insignificant…but it really isn’t

I know a couple who decided to give it up for a year and they told me that they were shocked by people’s reactions to it. They said it caused more conversations than ever with their work colleagues as they all asked ‘Why are you doing it? Are you dying for a drink yet? Are you sure I can’t tempt you into just one?

So…I’m asked what would I like…to that I reply – ‘I’ll have a diet coke please luv’

This seems to bring about 1 of 3 reactions

1) They repeat the order back to me, in a shocked tone they ask ‘Are you having a laugh, diet coke in the pub?

2) They follow with – ‘Ohhh Go on…have one. Then it’s – ‘Not even one?’ Followed by – ‘Are you sure you just want a diet coke? All said in an incredulous tone this time 🙂

3) As people go to the bar to buy drinks 2,3,4 and 5 (I am home in my slippers by the time drink 6 gets ordered), each round of drinks brings new opportunities to ask if I’ve suddenly changed my mind about the toxic invasion?

In my dreams things are different,(ohhhh the drama ;)) in my dreams I get to drink ‘fat coke’ and the people just ask if I would like ice, lemon, lime and an umbrella…

I feel like a social leper, I watch everyone slowly relaxing as the liquor takes effect, relaxed leads to playful joyous talkative…then the point comes where I feel sooooo different cos everyone has got their drunk hat on by now, which brings to the forefront all sorts of “quirky” personality traits that aren’t usually exposed. As tdrunk 3he sober one, I find it really overwhelming when our wavelengths become separate. I actually cannot stand being in a pub anymore (with a couple of beautiful exceptions)…There is something about their energy that makes me feel anxious and really uncomfortable

Thats not much fun now is it???

Unfortunately, nearly everyone I’ve ever met chooses to spend their free time ‘down the pub’…

Pubs are on one hand, an integral part of our culture and heritage. Customers share their troubles, their stories, or their jokes over a relaxing glass of wine or a pint, they are therapeutic for some people, an escape for others, a kind of friendship ritual for the guys who meet up after work

Everytime that I make my excuses and leave early, I hope my friends will not misunderstand my discomfort and instead think I’m being judgemental or even worse, they think I think I’m somehow better than them cos I don’t drink anymore (ludicrous but entirely possible). I make up for this possible misunderstanding by re-stating my reasons for not liking drink (makes me physically ill). As for not liking pubs either, I don’t really have a valid reason for that, I’ve been a bar worker many times and a singer in pubs and clubs

So, until they bring to market an intravenous alcohol administering mobile machine…

Diet Coke and Leprosy it is!



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  1. Hi Irene, your so right about this, the last few months weve been out for a lovely meal together followed by a trip to the swings in the park…I’ve loved it, thankyou for joining up for my random spillages…Have a great day…Luv Dawny 🙂

  2. Yeah, random is cool 🙂 Have to keep my shit together talking about my various off beat cures 😛

    Take care, you lovely girl


  3. Hi emmenon…Yea I read it back and thought, blimey Dawny, your talking about all sorts and your meant to be talking about booze 🙂 I rate randomness very highly so as you’re a randon jumper arouner too, I’ll be over to visit your blog soon…thanks fir commenting…Luv Dawny 🙂

  4. Learning by doing and you do this very good for yourself. There are other places to meet friends than only in a pub.
    Thanks for your visit and like, very appreciated. You just got a new follower 🙂

  5. Love the way your mind moves in this random way 🙂 Mine jumps about a fair bit too; but at the mom, I will concentrate on healing and then go all whacked out 😀

  6. Glad you came in to post again…and we found each other…sharing from your heart is what I see Heart to Heart Robyn great we found each other

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