Dear Stranger…


Dear Stranger,

I may tell you my name, I will more than likely tell you about some of the ‘tragic comedic experiences’ of my life. I will tell you about the places I’ve lived and the jobs I’ve had. I’ll (maybe) tell you a little about my brain. I may even tell you about one or two of the people I’ve loved. But, dear stranger, I will never tell you this…stranger

One day I had my heart-broken, in the most dazzlingly extreme, life shattering way that a heart can be broken. I won’t tell you what happened after either, because you wouldn’t believe it…I survived. Just. I really don’t wanna tell you the next thing.

I will never give anyone my heart again.

I will be that smiling stranger you see often, at times I’ll be the helpful stranger, or the thoughtful stranger; the compassionate stranger, the strange stranger. I will be all of these things by nature, but if you decided one day that you were gonna dedicate your entire life to me, and you proved yourself worthy of trust by anyone’s standard, I still wouldn’t trust you in a month of Sundays. But I won’t tell you that eitherstranger 1

I say that with a little bit of anger and a healthy dose of bitterness. Mostly though; sadness. Sadness is the only option left. A sane reaction to an insane world. When you look at me, if you look deep into my eyes, you’ll see specks of grey and orange and brown and blue. These dots are the coloured lenses through which I used to view those I loved. Those I love…

I would advise you to think twice before inviting a stranger like me into your life. Oh and the last thing I’ll never tell you…


I also love…


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  1. Ahhhh Mama Bear! Your so sweet! I do hope you are right as it is exhausting not trusting! I love you too…MILLIONS!!! Luv your Dawny 🙂 xxx

  2. One day someone who really deserves you will come along,see all the beauty inside your heart and soul and you will learn to trust again,we have all been there think we will never love again,only to be proved wrong,I love you darling from the bottom of my heart and will never stop mumxxx

  3. Hey Elisabeth, thanks for commenting. Thankyou back for your words, I think your right about love too. Hope you have a tip-a-dee top day…Luv Dawny

  4. I recognised myself in this post. It’s important to be at one with yourself and let love come from the inside out not from the outside in. I think love is giving unconditionally without an expectation of return. Thank you for posting and sharing these thoughts.

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