Living the Dream…Post Revolution! What would YOU do???


revolution 6Sooooo…The people have overthrown the government and each community has been given a portion of the pot of gold (or tax)…The portion is directly related to a) Catchment area b) Last years budget and c) the number of people in the area who are able to pay tax and those who are not (babies, under 16’s, the disabled, the unemployed, the elderly)

Each community is now responsible for their own pot…If we did Norwich, we would have 18.5 million to divvy about…

It also means keeping it ‘topprevolution 8ed up’ so it can fund schooling, education, health services and other public services such as recycling, waste control, lighting etc, plus whatever your community decides is worthwhile





20 People from each community will be nominated by their fellow community members, as representatives for all of the services. They will be nominated on the following criteria

Are they:-

1. Trustworthy

2. Fair

3. Champion of equalityrevolution 1

4. Possess Integrity (honesty and with a moral compass)

5. Mercy oriented

6. Described as a Good Person

7. Knows Ethics (stems naturally from equality)

Once these people have been nominated and selected, (by the whole community) they will form the ‘Community Leadership Group’

The first meeting would deal with the ‘hows and whys’ of each service and whether it is needed, if it is voted as needed (Services involving life or death situations are automatically included)

For everything else –  80% of the community must agree on whether it is needed or not – then the cost is calculatedrevolution 3

Costs based upon (regardless of position or job type)

1. Wages (of a decent level)

2. Buildings

3. Equipment

4. Funding for further training if necessary (nursing, probation, social work etc)

5. Supporting innovative ideas for progressing each service

6. The years expected costs for maintaining all of the aboverevolution 9

Take for example…Nursing. Nursing would obviously be a needed service, so someone with an expert view of nursing (gained through their practice, training and experience) would be on the panel, plus a memebr of the ‘Community Leadership Group’ would be assigned to nursing. This person would be responsible for the ‘over seeing’ of all nursing responsibilities. Their job is to make sure the nurses do their job

Ideas for innovative budget reductions that do not compromise on service quality are wanted and also an advertised community initiative. Ideas from the entire community on how we could change services are welcomed and will be implemented if they a) make sense b) improve conditions and reduce costs and c) are voted for by 80% plusrevolution 4

For example – I might argue that nurses could; with the right equipment, be based in their car and treatment could be administered at patient’s homes. This would reduce the amount of time that ‘buildings’ would be a factor in the costing. This would also reduce the need for a large building…

Once all critical and necessary services have been voted on and funded, the following will happen

Every person writes down their current job, whether they like it or not, what job(s) they would like, and what jobs they are qualified to do…(work and life experience are included)

Another community group has been out and noted all the arevolution 5reas of natural beauty, all the walls where graffiti is emblazoned upon them, where the oldest trees are, to what lives and thrives in our parks (wildlife etc)

From this, they calculate the amount of gardeners and artists it would take to maintain areas of natural beauty and decorate the walls of the city, as well as how much it would cost (wages, add buildings, add equipment, add training etc)

With a view to becoming a self-sufficient yet interdependent community, all trades and skills are listed, along with the community need for them

For example – Norwich finds it has 9 painter and decorators, and Norwich only needs 7 painter and decorators to supply the years demands, so, decorator 8 finds work in Dereham where there is only 2 decorators and they need 4…Decortater 9 decides that he wants to be a dj, and being in good health, he agrees to work when needed in his current profession, and learn in his own time…until he is good enough to dj professionally. Then, he will look at DJ’ing to see if need and demand leave a gap for himrevolution 7

Say there is only 4 full-time dj positions (in terms of income) and 15 professional dj’s in the area. With equality, fairness and ethics built into the decision-making, the work is divided up equally to begin with, and from then on, the DJ’s who are not delivering what the audience want, will naturally be re-booked less often. They can then choose to try to get better at it, or they can try their hand at something else

I think this would be enough for the 1st meeting…(Almost)

As a member of the community, it is my job to leaf through an entire populations job forms to see where supply, demand and excess are, and what can be done about it

The rest of the community has been asked this – what can we do about excess talent/skills/experienced professionals…FOr example – Say there is too many gardeners for current demand. Now that people are being paid a decent wage, maybe they will pay £10 a month for a quick tidy up of the garden. If just 40 people out of 213,000 decided to support the gardener with just £10 a month, his job would then pay enough to live comfortably…revolution 6

To end for now…

What can we do about excess talent/skills/experienced professionals? Any ideas dear people of tut bloggus-sphere? I’d love to hear them

Community Meeting Over and Oooot! Til next month

(Please pickj holes in this if you can and wish to…a 1st draft always needs a few tweaks and i’d rather it was a team effort (in the spirit of the piece)

Mwah to everyone who lives in the zone that we reside in (and the one’s we don’t)



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