Miracle anyone? Trippy Tree Fact worthy of Gargantuan Ponderage


I learnt this bit of trivia at school (Oooooo but it’s so not ‘just’ trivia now). For every calendar year that passes, a tree makes a ring of age (distinguishable by its unique colour), and it follows exactly the same year that we adhere to. Each ring represents another year of its life


365 days is what we humans decided to call a year (or so we think) and this is apparently because it takes 365 days for the sun and the earth to do one lap around each other (whichever way round that works ;))

Well well well…I’m sure this scientifically advanced piece of knowledge was not available to us back in the day when a year was ‘invented’

NOw for trippy point 2…This 365 days seems to have stemmed from lunar/solar cycles and must have held some weight for a year to be what it is. A universal scientific measurement of time passed that controls much of our life in terms of measurement (decades, university years, the new tax year, new years resolutions, once a month commitments…all expressions of the year or sections of it)

If we are not all connected, how does a nature driven organism (a tree, fed by the  earth, rained on for growth, rooted in the ground, dictated by seasons ) somehow become aware of its passing of time, from 1 year to the next?

Trees are going along with the humans they lovingly maintains, with the CO2 oxygen situation/(whole ‘nother miracle!) trees 2

Bloody miraculous and ponder worthy ay?! How how how do the trees know in their bones about the 365 days? Is this synchronicity at its purest level???

And check this side thought out peeps..if we are made of the same atoms that make up trees, we are also made of the same atoms as every animal, could this explain why elephants revisit the gravesites of lost companions every year on the anniversary of their friend’s deathtrees 1

Do little old caterpillars check their metaphorical watch and say, well, I reckon its been approximately 56.7 days since I laid down, I’m gonna roll over, call me in December!

What a wonderful world we live in!

Mental… and also miraculous I do believe


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