Activist Post 6-3-15… “New Zealand Now Recognizes ALL Animals As Sentient Beings!”


YAY!! Also, bout bloody time but better late than never…God I really hope this catches on worldwide!!! We’ve done enough damage me tinks! Poor animals and poor planet earth. I wonder if any other species has caused such cruelty and destruction to soooooo many billions of other species as the human race??? Heads up to Lil Trissus for educating us all on the in’s and out’s of factory farming and to all the True Activists who fight for the animals. Just because we have ended up ruling the planet, it does not mean we are any better than animals. In fact, they seem to be more caring, playful, civilsed, empathic, free, happy and environmentally responsible than us humans. PPS. WWF, one of the largest animal charities in the world, has not secured ONE piece of legislation to protect ONE animal on the planet! I spent a whole night reading the small print, and it came from the horses’s (pun pun) mouth (WWF website). On the positive side though 🙂 GO New Zealand! Lil Dawny is proud of ya

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