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Dear Ego, come talk to me, of course I agree with you…Love self xxx



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I guess the ego wishes for this kind of recognition and understanding,

And even the stupidest of people know that the ego is responsible for most quasi-woes,

But sometimes we’re forced to listen to it anyway because unfortunately, none of us manage to escape its existence within us, and subsequently we’re all plagued by its irritating wails for attention,

Am I selfish for needing someone to see how hard this is for me?

Am I a bad person for wanting someone to just understand why I’m all over the place, verbally, emotionally, cognitively? Does anyone see the cost and also the intention? Read the rest of this entry

Dear Media..Please ‘Catch Up’, ‘Fess Up’, ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘Get Real’


Have I Got News for You

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The Media – Arguably the most influential of all the ‘institutions’ of our bizarre time, for instilling lorry loads of clap-trap into our conscious and subconscious minds. In a quest to warp rational thought; re-shape opinions based on logic and experience, into those based on tripe instead, tripe masquerading as fact. And also of course, to make us purchase Levi’s, just because fit guys wash them in 1970’s styleee romanticised launderettes…

Now we Brits are known for many things but I don’t think naivety is one of them. I think 99% of us KNOW that ‘A source said’ is poorly obvious code for ‘Beth in the gossip column made this up in the brainstorming session this morning’! Read the rest of this entry

Drivvle/whine about…’Writers Block/Lifers Block’


overcoming writer's block - crumpled paper on ...

My emotions continue to leave me baffled, no matter how much time I take tending to their understanding!

Some-one clearly tipped me upside down in my sleep on Sunday night, and shook everything right out of me…The little Mo-Fo!

I have cultivated quite a phenomenal ‘Get Happy’ list over the years, and as I sit staring at it, not one thing on it is filling me with anything but indifference. I’m wondering if the pooey list is even mine…

My favourite films sit in front of me, but I don’t want to watch any of them, as someone has stolen my laughter. I feel like I’m betraying ‘them’, when they don’t do their job.

I can’t write, because I can’t feel any of the emotions that drive me to recall or think… Read the rest of this entry

‘When oh when’ did Money, ‘Labels’ and Fame make us all Soooo Invisible?



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I am (arguably ;)) a writer, but society does not recognise me as one, because I am in the ‘unpaid writers club’…

I am a chef, but society no longer labels me as such, because presently, I only cook at home…

I was a book-keeper in 2001, now I just have a book-keeping qualification on a piece of paper, but I’m not a book-keeper anymore am I???

I am a song writer, but apparently, success evades me, because my songs are unheard of by the masses…

I am a helpful friend, but society no longer recognises me as one. As I am not an ‘employed’ advocate now…

I am a Green Coat, but society no longer…

I am a Bar Maid, but society no…

I am a Waitress, but society…

I am a Landlady, but… Read the rest of this entry

Think before you Jump on the ‘Blame Train’


Train to Narvik approaches Uppsala C

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‘The Irish’ became ‘The Youth’ became ‘The Great Unwashed’ became ‘The Ethnic Minorities’ became ‘The Single Mothers’ became ‘The Immigrants’ became ‘The Unpaid’…

When the problems in a society are too vast and complex for fixing, and the leaders too corrupt to be exposed or corrected; a ‘group’ is blamed for the problems instead. This is a well known ‘cheeky little political tactic’, and it’s been in use for centuries. Read the rest of this entry

Lets get all ‘Frenched Up’ – Wheel-clamp Stylee ;)


When the French tried to bring in the use of wheel-clamps in a particular city (Pareeee me tinks), ALL the CITIZENS armed themselves with super glue, and every clamp they spotted, they filled the locks with glue 🙂 Within 2 weeks, all the clamping companies were out of business due to constantly shelling out for new clamps. Oh […]