Memory Lane

Sometimes, I love nothing more than visiting one of the blogs I frequent; and slowly scouring my way through its ‘back catalogues’. Hence why I’ve made this beautiful little page (in case you fancy a meander through mine)

A trip down ‘Memory Lane’ from…

Random Spillage’s from a Reportedly Strange Mind

JUST CLICK on the link below…Affectionately known as – ‘The Random Button of my Past Creations’…(except it’s not really a button, it’s a mildly unattractive text link instead; because widgets are a wonderful luxury of the home page only). Anyway, I’m sure you’ll manage, and I hope you enjoy the old and the new…

The crystal clear and/or the crappy tatt too….!

The Random Button of Past Creations – Ah-ha, the button I wanted to make, now exists, after an IT lesson from my spare and SHITE/wonderous hubby 😉


My pretty page has had so many face-lifts ‘ere on WordPress; so I thought I’d continue on with the page theme of ‘Memory Lane’…with a visual re-cap of some of the many wallpapers and headers to grace the screen. Some you may have seen along your travels with me…




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  1. Lil Trissus! OMG how fooooking funny is that episode, 25 cats to be precise! I’m officially in love with the Big Bang after my week long view-a-rama! ALthough I’m concerned that I share a few too many of Sheldons social ignorances 🙂 And not enough of his intellect! Luv Dawny xxx

  2. Lil Trissus, I’m very pleased to see that you have finally grasped the sheer magic of monkeys! ALthough your tude and comment at the zoo that day made me belly laugh! Still can’t load the bastard video! 3 need to step up on the internet performance! It’s like living in slug city with this poxy dongle! Love a youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu xxx

  3. also am watching the big bang theory and a hilarious episode is on with sheldons mum..its called the zazzy substitution….sheldon gets lots of cats…truly belly laughing. xxx

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