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Advice fit for the Butt-hole? Or fit for the Bee's Knees of The Ball?

I was going to write a short description about my views on changing the world…However, I know how quickly we humans dismiss opinion if it doesn’t fit with our own ideology and experiences… So I will just tell you some things about me that I think may sway you into thinking that I might have a point or two.

I am a 12-year-old pensioner. I vote Conservative, Green’s, Labour and BNP. I’m an Asian, White, Greek, Aborigine bar working prostitute, and also a director at British Telecom. In the evenings I read ‘The Times’ and I watch porn. I love the Dalai Lama, but also Jeremy Kyle and buying shares. I’m upper class, middle class, under class scum. I grew up in a palace with its own moat, situated on the back of a council housing estate; and I practice a mixture of Buddhism, Bettyism, and hard-core Eugenics. I don’t drink or smoke, and I only take crack on Tuesdays. I love champagne, especially when accompanied by Sainsbury’s basics’s tuna in brine. I’m a man, woman, trans-gender, bi sexual, straight geezer bird. I love dogs and birds, but I campaign for the culling of all other wildlife in the name of commerce. I empty my chip pan fat down the sink.

(are you all covered and IN with me yet?) 😉

OK, now I’ve got your attention, I’ll tell you that I have been called ‘A wise old soul’ more than 3 times in my life!

Jeremy Kyle at a book signing in Borders Bristol

Icon or Ignorant Imbecile?

I have studied a number of topics at length and depth. Some at university and some at the university of life. I have lived in our capital and I’ve lived in the country-side. I have lived outside and inside many different cultures of race, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, wealth, manners, ethics and beliefs. I went to church for the 1st 13 years of my life. I’ve been a bad human and I’ve been a good human. I have travelled to around 30 countries. I have lived off of buttons for major periods of my life, and I have been semi loaded for shorter periods. I have friends from every corner of the social spectrum. I am obsessed with knowledge and when I discover or experience something new, I try my very hardest to see both sides, however bizarre a side may seem to me. I have had more jobs than you’ve had hot dinners. I have been an owner, a manager, a green coat, a dog walker, a dog’s body, a dole-ite, and a volunteer to name a few…I have been suicidal, sick, well, crazy, psychotic, emotionally unstable, and very healthy.

In short 😉 … I’ve been about a bit and I think A LOT!

I think about how things are, and I think about how things could be…And then I write. My change the world page has 2 elements.

The Massive Whinge Files


The Instructions for Change Files

Entries where I berate all and sundry and suggest nothing to fix it, are in the first category. The second category holds the articles where I become a Dawny think tank. I advise, guide and lobby in these articles (and sometimes I moan too). The pages will fill up with articles old and new as time ticks by…

I don’t just wanna change one bit of the world, my dreams are far bigger than that. So on this ‘ere page you will (eventually) find ideas on how to develop yourself, your mind, your actions, your heart, your friends, your family, your leaders and your world. Please re-blog or send on anything that makes you think, and tell your friends TOOOOOOO.

Knowledge is power, and YES… little people are pretty powerless even with all the knowledge in the world. BUT collect up a million little people and stick them in front of 100 big people and THEN; then you have some power!

Lost Wisdom

Will you find it again RIGHT 'ere?

Anything is possible. CHANGE is not only possible, it is an inevitable and steady factor of life. HOW we change as a people, and as a collection of people, is ENTIRELY up to us. And it begins with agreement

So; I hope you agree with some of the strangely delivered snippets of wisdom, understanding, growth and inspiration that I post here…and more than that, I hope you read them and then run off to change the world BIG TIME!

If you succeed, please let me know…It’ll save us duplicating a revolution of the soul and the universe! 🙂

If you read a post and think ‘How in gods name has that got anything to do with changing ze world?’… please feel free to ask me, or swiftly move on to something less confusing

I shall be placing articles on the pages of change, as I slowly think of more ways to attempt to influence the masses

Dawny wants to ‘Change The World’ by impregnating the population with Bilge!

Wish me Luck 😉

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  1. I like the pure nutty mentality you speak from, if only all others expressed themselves so well, instead of living by the “rules”! Keep er lit 🙂

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