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A ‘Song for Everyone’ from YOU to YOU…Wisdom, Beauty and Layers Galore, In 3 Odd Minutes! Genius 🙂

KT Tunstall at the 2005 Summer Sundae

You will Heal Over if You are VERY nice to Yourself!

You Will Heal Eventually…Now Be Nice to Yourself!

I was listening to one of my favourite songs the other night. KT Tunstall – Heal Over. (lyrics below)

A song I had previously dedicated to, and associated with, my dear friend ‘Sim-Bob’. The very first time I heard it, I thought the lyrics were just made for her. With this ‘pre-link’ so ingrained, I was shocked and surprised when this weeks’s random re-listen, IGNITED a second link and a ‘re-perception’of this song.

I realised that – not only is it a beautiful creation, not only is it soooooooo apt a message for a treasured friend in pain. But it is also a PROFOUND piece of advice to every single girl (and boy, see below), when viewed as a conversation between you and yourself! The Epitome of –  ‘What you would say to yourself, if you were your own best friend’.

(Oh and boys, inspite of you being missing from the lyrics, you’ll heal over too :))

I would have included you earlier…but I didn’t wanna ”’emasculate”’ ya with the chorus; other than that, you can blame KT for choosing ‘lady’ instead of ‘person of any gender’ here

The reasons why I think this ‘new perception’ makes sense!

  • I think we all have (at least) two sides to ourselves…in some way or another

The song can be perceived as an exact conversation between these two sides

  • We all understand our own experiences, and why we feel and act the way we do; in a way no-one else can understand. We also are the only ‘ones’ who know EXACTLY HOW FAR along we are, on our various ‘life/pain’ paths. And we all have them don’t we? As sure as spuds are spuds, we’re all somewhere along, at least one ‘pain path’
  •  But third, and probably most importantly, whilst I was doing some counselling training once upon a time, I was educated on the IMPORTANCE of being kind to YOURSELF. The Essence of being able to care for others (to HEAL them), is based on ‘maintaining the self’ first…Being your own best friend was the key to this job (and many others BTW). And listening to the words, the verses seemed to be a conversation between your two parts. And the chorus…
  • The Epitome of ‘What you would say to yourself, if you were your own best friend’.

Whether you are a fan of KT Tunstall or not, a view on ‘Youtube’ of her performance on ‘Jools Holland’ – ‘Black Horse and a Cherry Tree’, is undeniably clever. A quick search of the complex ‘tabs’, on anyone of her songs, show the extent of her musical ability. And yesterday, I realised the extra beauty of ‘Heal Over’…A song that immediately conjured an image of my treasured friend ‘Sim – Bob’, and how I wanted her to know she would be fixed, BUT also a fantastic and profound piece of advice from self, to self…..with the best (and true) message

We all do ‘Heal Over’….ALWAYS.

KT, you’re a god damn genius, and with this song alone you give me a triple helping of pleasure…all delivered through the ‘Complete Yummines’ of the beauty of the song in it’s simplest form.

And ‘here be’ ze lyrics – (remember to talk to yourself ;0)

It isn’t very difficult to see why, you are the way you are,

Doesn’t take a genius to realise, that sometimes life is hard,

It’s gonna take time, but you’ll just have to wait,

You’re gonna be fine, but in the meantime,

Come over here lady, let me wipe your tears away,

Come a little nearer baby, cause you’ll HEAL OVER, heal over, heal over someday

And I don’t wanna hear you tell yourself,

That these feelings are in the past,

Know it doesn’t mean they’re off the shelf,

Because pain is built to last,

Everybody sails alone, oh but we can travel side by side,

Even if you fail, you know that no-one really minds,

Come over here lady, let me wipe your tears away,

Come a little nearer baby, cause you’ll HEAL OVER, heal over, heal over someday

Then don’t hold on BUT don’t let go,

I know it’s so hard,

You’ve got to try to TRUST YOURSELF,

I know it’s so hard, so hard yea

Is ‘Rational Thought’ our Saviour? or ‘The Suppressor of Reality?’ 😉

This question came to me late one night, when I had a massive episode of ‘Mrs Moody Pants’….I remembered a piece of advice I was given, by a wise wise friend, to help me balance my thoughts and wibbly perception with my actual reality. (Meaning, I needed to write a list of ACTUAL un-arguable ‘things’ that I have in my life, the simple obvious things, nothing too deep). Whilst also taking into consideration, how my ‘ridigalious’ emotional boingings easily lead me into ‘FALSE’ feelings of everything from hope to despair. The feelings are the problem, as most of the time, the only thing that has changed is THEEEE mood. Now; us emotional peeps need to be balanced by the rational peeps, and vice versa….me and ‘Vine’ would be fooooooooooked if we weren’t A) Best mates and B) Living at the very ends of the rational/irrational spectrum So; after a good hours sulking and pig headedly trying to convince myself he was talking shite, I open mindedly decided to try his idea anyway, whilst still secretly thinking ‘Robot Vine’ is talking BILGE.. and going all ‘science boy’ on me again!
Now; you will all know, when you have the royal ‘UMP’, rustling up the positive is no easy task, especially when coupled with the severity of my particular Mrs Moody Pants Head. It wasn’t easy, me and my blank pad sat together for some time. And then, really slowly, I started to write a list of the simple things in my life – like how much I love my flat, then I counted how many cool neighbours I had and how well I know and like many of them.
Just from these 2 ignored/forgotten/taken for granted entries, I realised with stubborn, joyful, abject horror, I was wrong (damn it ). But my ‘wrong-ness’ was peppered with a half-smile….
Advice can literally turn us upside down and inside out, if we are open-minded enough to try something we feel is a waste of time. Next on the list came – having the best mother in the world, and before I knew it, I had a giant list of happy squit. Two whole pages, and I was on a roll like an amphetamine mofo;
I’d opened the happy gate mid self-pity…
I then hired ‘Vine’ as my new life coach, and begged him for forgiveness for writing his idea off as Shite
The end of the story goes something like this, I read my list in detail, I thought about every entry until I could taste the real life feeling each thing gave me, and then I stored it. On paper, in microsoft word, in tut brain and on a memory stick.
AND THEN… I figured out the final vital factor for success – REMEMBER just ONE fact….I was/am HAPPY with my lot in life (and I had confirmed proof in black and white just in case)… The list became irrelevant, and its detail dangerous for the next time perception came home. No more thinking was/is needed…Past thinking ‘I’m Happy FULL STOP’. It was a truly cathartic moment, I may have FELT shite, but I couldn’t argue with my list, it was long, rational and true
This moment changed me forever….I will not go back, just speaking those two words is enough to snap me out of morose town.
Nowadays when I am ‘Mrs Moody Pants’, instead of assigning it to emotion, or situation; or seeking whats wrong, I simply remember I’m not only happy but I am actually lucky and blessed… and just a moody and insane wench sometimes
This was a year ago and I have re-wired my brain totally! My enemy ‘the rational’, turned out to be my saviour, and I learnt it’s not a suppressor of reality either, it clarified and reshaped my entire perception of my world, to know at least one ‘actual’ ‘tangible reality does exist. Before this night, I never believed in reality full stop….only perception
Dear Vine and Dear Rational Thought – Thank-you for freeing another chunk of my twisty ass

Onion Boys and Girls…:)

A growing onion Allium cepa in a neutral backg...

For those that love to dig down,

They are always excited when an onion rolls onto their path,

Peeling back each layer can be a sore process,

But one that is found addictive by other onions anyway,

Big onions, the brown ones, have thick layers that feel nice to touch, and it doesn’t take too long to get to the root,

They might be the cheapest, most common and overused onions, but that doesn’t mean they’re not really delightful, and tasty and easily digestible

Then there are the yummy waitrose onions from the ‘rare’ section of isle 3, getting hold of one of these happens once in a blue moon, and these one’s are too delicious for words…but that’s a whole ‘nother’ onion story entirely :)

Few ever see the REALLY rare PROBLEM onions that they only sell in odd hidden street markets

These onions take sore to a whole ‘nother’ level,

But each bitter layer is lined with a divine sense of intrigue and interest, so you can’t help but keep peeling anyway,

What do you do though??? When every time you peel off a layer,

The onion morphs into another vegetable entirely?

And another, and another, and then into a foooooking fruit!

The essence of onion loving is about making it to the root,

These rare onions have problems,

When people try to find the nature of each of their layers,

They are perpetually confused, as to why the onion says what, when, how, who, and why

Have these rare onions, even figured that themselves yet?

So do we wait? Do we put the onion back in the veg draw?

And hope that when we go back for a re-peel…

One, it hasn’t rotted from neglect or been eaten by another

Two, it has learnt to convey the reasons why…. it’s root is made of mango, butternut squash, lemons, tomatoes, potatoes and bloody sprouts!:)

Or 3, at least by then maybe we’ll know whether its varied roots are strange because they are truly rotten, or because they are truly wonderous, and just need cooking a different way. If we’re lucky enough to get to option 3, we get most clarity…. because then we know whether we want to re-peel it, or throw it in the bin immediately

Indifference comes in many guises! I’m learning FAST

Indifference comes in many guises! I’m learning FAST

The trouble with love was, when it started out, knowing how unbelievably perfect it was, it was a tad naive

It was patient but it really wished it could live in something that wasn’t all that high on patience

But god still said No Dawny, free will is everything


Seeing as everyone knew that the sixth sense didn’t exist, gods messenger knew she could break one of loves rules, if it was only in a sense that a) didn’t exist and b) where she could be proper bossy and get away with it

She rewound time to the moment where she felt the force and ordered the entire population of the dead, to pop in to ME for a feel, whilst seeing her true colours, and then go off to be her fingermen for making the back drop to heaven on earth FOR REAL… once they all used the force they did this, they worked tirelessly by a) using the force to make different miracles to the one’s of aliens in the living rooms of ALL, and to spend the rest of their days making heaven on earth, where money DID grow on trees and all the powerful were a mirror image of each other, equally powerful

GHOSTS – STEP UP Immediately thankyou please, once you have gone back in time and got INSIDE me, and felt my force, before it was made whole, in the moment and after, feel it front to back and back to front, and get on the job as fingermen of the stuff available, hemp, green, marajuana the blessed weed it always knew it was the stuff of dreams and fantasies

Love knows the true dreams of true love, and love told me not to doubt the capabilities of love, so I KNOW your dreams are round the corner, until then you will all walk miles and miles that love has given you in your reality, until your ready to wake up

The trouble with the eye of faith is, it has to believe in love without feeling it. Because it has been invisible and immeasureable to prove a fooooking great point til now…

So to all those who had faith, now your belief in nothing is as essential as it’s always been, for your preaching will lead your followers to feeling the only thing it could

The real thing!

Must consider the evil buggers, before the dramatic Do’s and Dont’s of the last last go!;(

Must consider the evil buggers, before the dramatic Do’s and Dont’s of the last last go!;(

In my worst nightmares the following was true…

I was the only person capable of loving anyone after my first love

Worse than that

I was the only person awake and alert and aware of love, let alone 100% love!

And if love is our creator, and I had the job of being IT for a year ;) …then I would write and speak little about this job in haste (whilst continuing to write reams of bilge for my own chuckle-dom and love of self). BUT back to the big job in hand, I’d say and give little, without first thinking about how a force of evil, may abuse the things I would consider gifts

I hold equal opportunity and freedom high up in my dreams for everyone, but in an ideal world, they only come when the stuff of my dreams is known, that being – all those living are fully aware of perfect love, even if it is something they have lost, or misplaced, or never found, or tried to bury

In finally loving myself as much as everyone else I’ve always loved, I have the motivation and the bravery to say who I am now, what I have been and what I will aim to be – always the best version of myself that I can be, for me.

I’ve changed so many times before, but always for the wrong reasons…For everyone else’s reasons as I judged them to be (without knowing what they are). Assumption is one of life’s many twats

Yet if nature is what it is, and the stuff of my dreams…we all have a heart as a place for our love to live and die and live and die and live and die eternally. In my sleeping dreams, we all have conscious love or undiscovered love or buried love, but love is in there

Yet, if the stuff of nightmares were a reality, then I would be cautious about what I wished for the world, but I would still take the risk of ending poverty now, stopping starvation and preventable illnesses that only half the world contract, well before their time. I would risk stopping the destruction of all other species, especially good old trees, no more polluting the sea with its plentiful fishes

And especially Lions (so I can be the Lion-mans Missus).

Balance is an important word for what works, and a perfectly displayed concept, shown in Technicolor, as David Attenborough seductively narrates the magic of perfection, in displaying the ways of every other species that we see. For now, it’s the only word that’s relevant to the world I would create. Every other species, serve their own needs and wants, they give and take what they need and want to, to survive and thrive. They play, they work, they eat and sleep, it’s all in ze ratio Horatio!

When was the last time you saw an obese panther? Or an anorexic elephant?

Until we are clever enough to know how these species work, we can’t really know what to fix except the basics of wasting lives, when they’ve barely begun

The start point would involve no-body starving to death due to the powerful and greedy taking more than their share, and the extinction, culling and abuse of other races and species would stop, if its serves nowt but the petty pleasures of man so far and their incessant ego stroking. Wiping out a species would be a thing of the past. It would involve all humans realising that they are no more or less important than an ant, (without their gift fully realised). Health would be a resource for all, a right, to give balance (equal chance) for each body to be born in an environment, where the mind and spirit can thrive past 5 bloody years. Balance when separated from both evil and love, is simple, it is an equal amount of give and take, for each bespoke individual. Nature makes some of us in a way where we need to take or give more than we give and take, that is why we are individuals. If GOD was a cautious emotional wreckage of hastiness and drama, it would think long and hard about empowering things that would cause so much more chaos and suffering than we’ve seen so far. Timing is everything for empowerment and the giving of gifts, in my humble opinion!

If mankind popped off the immortal coil, no-one but mankind’s ‘left behind ego’ would a) give a shit and b) need us back

Love is why we can’t shut the fooooook up, about ourselves. Cos our ego is the only bit we ever get near to right, we are that EPIC in disguise 😉

We were given life (which has nee started for real yet) because we are capable of making it foooooking fabulous, beyond anything ever comprehended by anyone. We would be majestically happy and all having the time of our lives. So I believe we are here in essence (past) for a reason, to seeeeeee that LOVE is our unique gift and reason for being, along with a big old drop of random, which is definitely here and proven in the unique individuals x 8 billion or so. I hope and pray that the clue to evolving into wonderous little buggers, is to set up the next generation…

In a pretty pink bubble where everything is safe and love is unconditional. Fear and pain would no doubt still exist, and would need to exist for our ‘ickle people to grow. They would un-do all the crap we have been doing and not doing, as well as the crap we are being and will be doing and being, whilst heading for that all illusive balance.

I guess ‘all this we’ve created so far’ is necessary to sort out fun as a surety – THEN start evolving 2 sided. But whilst we continue to be crappy in our unequal and unbalanced manner, swathed in too much ego and not enough ego go…I would put my life savings on the fact that the only illusion we live in is our mirror image. We are the mucus that feeds on the scum of the fungus ’til further notice, but someone was kind enough to give us a mirror image of stunning boys and girls, for the training period.

If love, hate and fear (love, blind love and mis-understood love) can crush and shape entire generations to a perverted path of vast inhumane inequality, then why would our unique trait be anything but fully conscious love? Add a conscience and LOVE in it’s circle to IT, and IT get’s brave and highly productive…and of course, still crappy and imperfect and human…trying sometimes, sometimes not, growing and shrinking in line with the plots…

Chopping out pieces of us and thinking that’s how we get better, is true insanity, the ego again thinks it knows better than nature. Hence the non-beingness of us ghostly writers who canee let go! We are vile little wonders gagging for another chance, whether we know it or not!

My sixth sense tells me I have been a red ant up until now, and from here on in, whilst I sleep-walk my way, and you sleep walk your way, we’ll all be zombie stomping to the right start for all, when we land on the same and right page. Page 1. I bet now in our comas, we are slowly growing…Fungus to ants to midget to giants.

I just don’t think that this perfect world (minus man) would be stupid enough to actually let man destroy its wonders for real. Why would it throw all the power to a bunch of blind fools, with all the right emotions, but no-one to show us how to refine them?

Gardeners may well be our gods, my amazing mum pops into mind, as she grows mass veg in her gargantuan garden, and gives 99% of herself and takes 1%. She is an angel walking, but until she sees that she deserves to take much more and to give less, for the sake of her health, she will remain an epic and gorgeous midget, who watches over us ants, and tries her best not to tread on any of us…

Ants are the only army who march about not knowing much, and their guns are ridiculously small, so even when enraged they are crap at killing anything of worth….ANTS, as the only creatures that seem to serve no purpose, have a little secret, they KNOW that this disguise of ‘no purpose’ holds the last secret of all. They are the holding vessels for the only species that needed honing and perfecting, before being given their natural outers! For the first time EVER

GOD wanted Mankind to be Giants, so he could sit back and marvel at what happened when the start actually started

Us ghosts are very important, we’ll get there in the end, one step forward and two steps back on the 4th 5th of 55555, I would suggest for things none of us know yet

Anyone sleeping like me yet? We have all the time in the world but we’ve been at this sleeping malarkey for quite sometime now – Are you about ready for a new Dawn yet?

Maybe Dec 22nd and natural causes are involved? I dont know!

Love 3 for a year pretty please, and thank-you please simultaneously! I do ;)

Wisdom filled plecostamous that I am (she thinks she is, but she’s either an ant or a tiny midget who eats mucus for breakfast lunch and tea)

God removed the D, by re-positioning IT, when ALL of it was FINALLY ready for time to press GO!

Loved up = Tooled up!


Bill Gates is the richest man on earth, AND he’s still scared!

All the money in the world doesn’t stop fear, only love does!

He damns the logs of the most loving

He does so knowing a fake when he sees one

BUT, for every re-action there is an action, the same as for every action there is a re-action

When the real thing comes in body, and passes in that body too

No amount of life insurance is gonna save you honey bunch, that would be the human nature part of me being all vengeful, but the force thank god, is not vengeful, however universal laws are just that…

actions follow re-actios follow actions etc

Not from a cardiac arrest that large, in a perfect world though, all your lies would be exposed and people would forgive you?

Yea right!




Oh Cameron…Did you really just say that?

Oh Cameron…Did you really just say that?

Of all the people to re-ignite my long-winded fire…

David Pooey Cameron

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the ...
Come again Cammy Boy? FAIR???

In reference to capping benefits at X amount of £’s, because there are people at home doing NOTHING (The lady being interviewed would be one of those affected by the new cap and the child benefit reforms, and she is mid way through doing the ‘nothingness’ it takes to rear 5 children; all the things she does to ensure their lives are safe! everyday). Defining this ‘life work’ as NOTHING is perhaps a more fundamental problem for ‘child benefit AND housing benefit’; than the problem of which family to rob first.

It seems Slavery (for parents this era) is back on the ‘forward thinking’ agenda!


He ‘toffed out’ his disgust that a person at home, should never ever be getting the equivalent of a £35k salary, after tax!

Which equates to around £28,000

Which is a lot of money!

(Like Parents, Surgeons are responsible for the safety of multiple humans every day, and I think they get a little more than 35k a year)


Single people who are unemployed people do not get £28,000!

Single people get about £57 a week to live, and pay all bills bar rent.

NOTE the significance of rent in his plans…

A parent with 1 child gets the same £57 ish bucks and a whole £20.40 a week to raise a child

And a family with 2 children get just £13.40 to maintain their 2nd child, (apparently 2nd children are cheaper to care for)

None of these people get to set or control their RENT!

None of these people choose life, or the postcode of their roots.

The disposable income for anyone who claims any one of the main benefits, is approx, sorry definitely £0.00

Or they would not have been granted them in the first place. Entitlement already reached below base point years ago, but only the ‘£28 grand spongers’ who live in affluent places like SURREY! Are the ones hitting the headlines

Anyway, I’ll get back to the lady and the 28k shortly but firstly, I have to meander onto the word FAIR!

At the end of his pride filled speech on spongers, He actually said… it…

“It’s just not fair”!

FAIR??? Now I have heard reams of politicians speak at length without actually committing to a single decision, and most of these non-committal statements avoid the word fair.

The hypocrisy and irony of using it as a bargaining tool, when corruption is open standard practice; sits high in the throats and minds of the cabinet.

If it can’t be avoided they utter fluffy phrases such as “We need to commit to the development of a policy that prioritizes the fair treatment of …”


“’Equality for all’ means we must put our thinking caps on, and find measurable methods to ensure that the fair treatment of employees is rolled out. Encompassing the sensitivities of all people, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion”

Otherwise known as diplomatically delivering bullshit explanations and solutions to problems that they don’t give a shit about! And problems they know cannot be fixed with a policy

They may use the word fair behind closed doors all day long, to their right honourable ladies and gentlemen

But I don’t think as yet, I have ever heard a politician, let alone the Prime Minister, actually dive into use of the word with such non ambiguity of meaning!!!

I just did a quick few page search/check to see who else from the political chambers of worldwide corruption has said the phrase ‘It’s just not fair!”

The World Wide Web found NONE!

Leaving me with a new-found respect for the long-winded planks who dance around the word fair, cos if there is one thing that ‘they all know that we know’, it’s that political ruler ship is rarely fair! In other words it’s more offensive to be told the motive for a policy is ‘fairness’, than it is to be called a tosser, coming from the Prime Minister.

Did you know that it is still OK and EVERYDAY practice to slap and physically punish children in schools, that’s correct, as of TODAY you can get your whip out as a teacher, but only if you’re teaching wealthy children in boarding schools and the like!! Apparently even abuse is a commodity that can be sustained with cash and status. Even when whipping 8 year olds is illegal and deemed/accepted as a form of ‘ABUSE’ versus ‘discipline’ by most people in the UK nowadays, it can still be controlled by bucks! FAIR??

I looked at his long old face as he said IT, and I opened my mouth to laugh, a nervous laugh that didn’t escape, it was choked out of existence by shock instead. For the reasons listed above obviously, but also cos it was written all over his immoral boat, he’s that sooooooo out of touch, he didn’t even realise he was making political history (based on 3 minutes of shoddy research by me in yahoo ) by uttering the statement no politician dare to utter for fear of hearing…

An onslaught of a thousand ‘NOT FAIRS’ they themselves signed off, slung in their faces for all to see…

What’s not fair is that the government said yesterday that she couldn’t help it that her rent was £17,000 a year, or that she was born in pretty village in Surrey, and had not done the decent thing and moved to Pitsea. They know full well that she needs a minimum of £20.40 for one nothing, and £13.40 for the rest of her nothings, and they know she also didn’t get a choice when her husband filed for divorce and ran off with the gardener.

Oh and also this lady works!!!, on top of her full-time work at home, hours upon hours a week driving to swimming group, karate club, Bollywood lessons, ironing, cooking 678 meals a week, mentally melting down, yada yada etc

BUT all her benefits and wages add up to £2,000 over Cameron’s new moral choke point.

So is it fair that yesterday they said she needed this money, not to be ok; but to remain above the poverty line (whole ‘nother rant). Yesterday 100’s of politicians collectively realised that this baseline was a mark of a civilised nation. Is it fair that tomorrow they want to steal it back? If you as a citizen of the world, dare to commit the heinous act of dedicating your life to raising a large-ish brood, especially if you do so in expensive postcodes…

If you dare to commit to the only JOB that ensures our continuation as a species…

Apparently you’re a cheeky bastard!

And when those other people in our society are out in the woods, shooting foxes and chomping their way through sea bass infused with gold-plated sage for a non living, you mothers and fathers should be ashamed!


Cameron, you are a bilious elitist blind little piglet! and when I walk home scared every night now in the pitch black; as my bin overflows from your 2 weekly collections; and foxes spread my cats shit all over my pathway; you’ve sent me 5 ‘yellow-pages style forms’ since you’ve been in power. 5!!!!. Virtually every week you steal my healthy/study/volunteering time, writing to you!!

Asking over and over if I’ve all of a sudden become fully able??? No luv, sorry!

And as all my/your/our outgoings rise; and my Open University fees quadruple, what exactly are you doing to make my life fairer Cameron?

By slashing the NHS budget that is responsible for my health?

And then bugging the shit out of me to see if I’m better?

It is a fantasy that one day I will slowly meander across a stage with him on it, stand in front of ‘The Donk’ and say “I think I speak for all of the left honourable ladies and gentlemen with this fair little exchange. A swop for your heroic attempts at caring for us all FAIRLY!!!”

And then I would put MY finger in his EYE!

English: Japanese Sign language - SO: a 'there...

Also, try giving Microsoft, Tesco, Wal-Mart and PC World a little tinkle on the blower, see if they can spare a couple of grand a year of the billions they make, to go towards national prosperity and the debt we all pay towards, and never get to see in writing.

Final note Cammy Boy…Pleeeease stop chanting that there are enough jobs, when you send sneaky little memos ordering all businesses advertise positions that have been filled internally, 4 months before the closing date. Then slowly break the souls of the unemployed by making them jump through hoops for an unobtainable prize. Fair? And then you use these fictitious roles as justification for your other classic phrase, and this one makes me want to poke you all over with a warm/boiling pointy fire pokey thing! ‘Members of the Underclass do not want to work, the jobs are there, but they don’t want them!”


Sorry would that be the 6 positions in the back of the paper in the CITY I live in? Positively brimming aren’t they Cameron?

Finally – ‘UNDERCLASS’! Whooooooo do they all think they are assigning these titles; and I’m sorry if this offends, but if you have taken this vile little label into your vocabulary to describe another fellow human being,

I say SHIM-a-DEE shame on you!

Bring me Cameron and bring me Eggs!! ;0


Can we all just take a minute PAAALEEEEASE? 😉

Can we all just take a minute PAAALEEEEASE? 😉

To smile at the unbelievable cuteness of

‘Jools Humble Holland’

I wouldn’t swop my Dad for the world, but if I was Dad-less, I would ask Jools to adopt me

As Micheal McIntyre notes – He introduces everybody whilst walking backwards

He is mildly loved up with every soul that graces his stage, and he sways whilst playing the piano, a good foot each side, from the middle (big sways)

He can be found grinning and launching his hands in the air mid song, in appreciation of the fabulous musician that he is staring at…all ‘awe’d up’

Christ, this is the only time R Kelly has ever been remotely cool, and only cos he twinned with Joolsy boy for 5 minutes (check out his trademark excitement and adoration at 2.40 to 3.01)

He is to music – what David Attenborough is to Nature

Look at him here when the guy does the sax solo (2.44 – 3.20 IT IS GOLD :) )

He is to music – what Morgan Freeman is to the Gods of Narrators

He is wondrously empassioned

He can’t do anything to hide it, and his little pop belly and slightly too high waistbands, just polish him off

He has the best job in the world, he is wildly famous but none of this matters to him, he just wants to beam at the band, and melt at the singers…

Little Genius!

Today, Dawny says…Love Mr Holland


“I couldn’t tell her…I just couldn’t”…!

disappointment.Image by gogoloopie via Flickr

Are any of us immune ://??

Sometimes it’s ‘Mum’, often it’s ‘Dad’, or the ‘Nan’ you call ‘Gran’…Sometimes the ‘Vicar’. For her it’s her ‘Best Friend’; his someone is his ‘Big Brother’. Then there are the others to consider…daughters, sisters, lovers, teachers, colleagues, good friends, bad friends…

But I’ve yet to meet one soul who doesn’t have one…

One what?

One person who we can’t tell certain truths to, now matter how bold we become. And we withhold these truths why? Not because they can or would DO anything about our truths, and not because they are actually AFFECTED by them either…Often they don’t even UTTER A WORD when they hear of them via other sources…And it’s also not because they hold any power over the CONSEQUENCES of our (unvoiced) deliverances ;)

It’s because they are the ONE person capable of sending us right back to childhood in a millisecond. More specifically, back to reliving a unique feeling from childhood, a feeling that in adulthood, still remains utterly and entirely unchanged. The triggers, the actions, and the reactions surrounding this feeling, alter as we become ‘Grown Up’s’, but regardless of the passing ‘eras’, regardless of how much we mature; even when we are so old and wise, we KNOW that as independent individuals, we have a fundamental right to make decisions. We STILL avoid it like the plague.

Maybe because the emotions aroused by this act are strong? Feelings are deceivingly pervasive and when you cut all the crap, we simply live every minute, hoping to feel something. We search for the right job, because of the feelings we yearn for from our work. We become who we are because we want to feel a certain way about ourselves; and we say what we say, because we want specific feelings derived from how we interact with others.

Even the successes we experience, that are seemingly driven by determination, strength, ambition, upbringing etc, are actually driven by our desire to ignite particular feelings by doing them. You could argue that EVERYTHING we do as human’s, is actually under-pinned by emotion.

So it’s no surprise that, once we experience a crushingly painful feeling, our sanity walls automatically erect themselves, and we are unable to re-access that experience, unless we leap over the scarily high gates.

Ironically, this agonising experience, this thing we avoid at all costs… is almost ALWAYS delivered in the subtlest and gentlest of manners…

Silence, the slightest shift in tone, an almost invisible purse of the lips, a text left unanswered, an invite forgotten, the smallest reduction of warmth…

But still most of us would rather be punched in the snout, sacked, or evicted than suffer the journey back to that bloody feeling.

It’s because we never want to re-experience the ‘shame filled, crushing painful flood of emotion’… that is sparked ONLY by the deafeningly subtle delivery of disappointment from your ‘someone’…

UPDATE – once fully aware of myself as just an imperfect crappy sometimes, wonderful at other times humanbeing

JUST TELL LOVE and IMAGINE love WAS GOD of everything. So just tell your shame to the only one who will listen, and LOVE WILL SAY, it’s OK, I forgive you, now you know how strong this interaction made you, and how different you feel, good different, YOU’VE made it! LOVE is YOU and YOU are all GOD, when you get to his page and dare to stay there. He will bugger off, and do you really want me to bugger off? Yes, well then plunge into the self and know that none of it was your fault. Love takes all the blame and shame and makes you shiny inside out, thank-you GOD, thank-you LOVE for forgiving me

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