Today I thought to myself ‘I would like a place to spill tiny snippets of bilge, snippets that if posted as any form of writing, may well chase away any and all readers’ (plus I have this new spangly theme with little icons for status’s and videos and images, and I’m mildly sad that I’m not making good use of their cuteness!) Hence the birth of this entirely crappy/pointless page of joy!


Oooooo the 3′s keep coming – Feb 23rd 2012

In the year of 3 and 33 and 333, I got my rent increase yesterday and my rent has gone from £315…to…YEP £333! She strikes again!

Oh and I woke up very late for my very fisrt day at work today! I’m thankful to say, when I arrived, the manager I was meeting was off sick, which made my scraggy, frazzled, panic riddled ass, look magestic! Thankyou 3′s and Betty

Bilge thought of the Day – Friday 17th Feb

 I am getting very shite at being young; I say this as my attempt to get pissed earlier turned into 2 glasses of champagne, a pate sandwich, a litre of banana milk and a 3 hour nap! And now I am watching a DVD! This is a worry because if there’s one thing I’m worse at than being young, it is being old. Oh what to do? I bought myself sticky hearts to put on my calendar just last week, and placed them on there as I fixed the car, updated my uni forum, had my asthma check!; I do believe this is a version of Super Nannies star charts! I am a 33 year old trapped in a 5 year olds soul! Oh dear!

And as she was born…the mini ‘status’ icon spread her little butterfly wings; check her out, showing off next to the title, as she should be!

Bilge Status Update Logistics Attempt 2   

‘And as she was born…the mini ‘status’ icon spread her little butterfly wings; check her out, showing off next to the title, as she should be!’

“The icon hasn’t arrived as yet, it isn’t quite as easy as I first thought!”

AH-HA! You can’t hold a woman down wordpress, I may not have been able to copy and past your lovely little icon; but I have pasted a far more beautiful red one from Google and found a slightly dodgy but workable way to show a speech bubble, to represent this ere speechy type status update!

Can I over-ride the pooey settings?
Settings over-ridden, bilge page born, sleep for me
Ohhhhh …She shoots, she SCORES! Goodnight you beautiful people!

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  1. Hello Littlebeut333, I hope you are fine and your days are wonderful. I would like to thank you for your recent follow in my blog. That is very kind of you. It is my mission to serve humanity through the written word and I start that by posting inspirational poetry and short stories every Thursday in my blog. Feel free to visit every Thursday, if you like reading inspirational poetry and short stories. Take care, thank you, and may the Light of Love perpetually shine in your heart ♥

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