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Unbelievably Groovy! :)


We will stick together..smile together..be tog...


Just when I thought technology was in for another judgement/whine fest from me (mainly derived from my own inability to keep up with it) 😉

I discovered the most amazing thing ever! A virtual fish tank screen saver!!! Another massivo thank-you to the angels that lead me to the ponder of this possibility, and to Vine for remembering I wanted to check out the screen saver market, and subsequently reminding me 🙂  

This is not just any old fish tank people, it is EPIC and once again, the hypnotic calming effect of watching fish swim is back in my life and is ALMOST as good as the real thing…Although I did pay for it twice and after both transactions were completed, I had purchased a test version with no code in the email for the real version! Cheeky little shamones 😉 Read the rest of this entry