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Short Number 12 – The Exception to the Rule of Gift Exchanges


“I know I said you should always accept gifts graciously darling”

“Yes yes, I know I said you should keep them too”

“But there’s always one; one exception to the rule”


“Please Mum…Pleeeease”

“Darling, it doesn’t go with the wallpaper, sorry”

Français : bonbons colorés English: colored sweets

“Would you like some sweeties instead my little cherub?”

(51 words)

Just a ‘Quick Note’ on the MAJOR page alterations


It’s still the same blog 🙂


'After Pictures' - D.I.Y 'Blog-Over'

Same bilge.

Same author who will do anything to avoid writing essays!

Same sad wench that tried a good 84 wallpapers and wasted all her dongle allowance, and essentially paid 15 squids to download a bitmap image of a flower!

Please expect periodic face-lifts on ‘Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange Mind’, I blame WordPress with their seductive little page of themes! Doooo check out the little pics opposite the titles on ma new page, how very cute are they?! 🙂 Seduced!

Too dal Pip and Welcome (back/to) my newly ‘made over’ page.

Little Beut Xxxx