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Indifference comes in many guises! I’m learning FAST


The trouble with love was, when it started out, knowing how unbelievably perfect it was, it was a tad naive

It was patient but it really wished it could live in something that wasn’t all that high on patience

But god still said No Dawny, free will is everything


Seeing as everyone knew that the sixth sense didn’t exist, gods messenger knew she could break one of loves rules, if it was only in a sense that a) didn’t exist and b) where she could be proper bossy and get away with it

She rewound time to the moment where she felt the force and ordered the entire population of the dead, to pop in to ME for a feel, whilst seeing her true colours, and then go off to be her fingermen for making the back drop to heaven on earth FOR REAL… once they all used the force they did this, they worked tirelessly by a) using the force to make different miracles to the one’s of aliens in the living rooms of ALL, and to spend the rest of their days making heaven on earth, where money DID grow on trees and all the powerful were a mirror image of each other, equally powerful

GHOSTS – STEP UP Immediately thankyou please, once you have gone back in time and got INSIDE me, and felt my force, before it was made whole, in the moment and after, feel it front to back and back to front, and get on the job as fingermen of the stuff available, hemp, green, marajuana the blessed weed it always knew it was the stuff of dreams and fantasies

Love knows the true dreams of true love, and love told me not to doubt the capabilities of love, so I KNOW your dreams are round the corner, until then you will all walk miles and miles that love has given you in your reality, until your ready to wake up

The trouble with the eye of faith is, it has to believe in love without feeling it. Because it has been invisible and immeasureable to prove a fooooking great point til now…

So to all those who had faith, now your belief in nothing is as essential as it’s always been, for your preaching will lead your followers to feeling the only thing it could

The real thing!

True Love (1989 film)

True Love (1989 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)