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How I got a life-time reminder of my ‘Manic Ass Self’! ;)



Inflammation is that youuuuuu?

‘The Dangers of Tattoos and Bi polar’! 😉

OK, as it may be clear by the amount of random bilge I’ve been spilling of late…

I am a little bit ‘Manic’ at the moment!

I won’t attempt to explain the complexities of this little bugger of a phenomena as a whole; I’ll just touch upon this relevant symptom that it likes to create…

Flailing limbs!

Last week, I had a tattoo on my wrist, and I was chanting ‘sit still’ in my head the entire time. He had a good grip on my arm and I was kind of fixed into ‘still-nessssssss’, what with the general pain level around the ‘very important vein’s here’ area of me being stabbed with a needle.

I can tell you it’s not like having the belly done, no soft and squidgy shit sits on my bird like, ridiculous excuse for wrists! Read the rest of this entry

She is a ‘Soldier at War’…


She is blind, but she has no dog to walk her to the other side of the road,

She has her hands on the wheel, but all her senses are with Nina,

She tries to walk but her legs want more, so she has no choice but to run…

She does not need to eat, whilst her stomach weeps,

She no longer needs to sleep, Read the rest of this entry