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Ohhhhhh the 3’s, Ohhhh the subscribers, Ohhhh nearly 33 of them! ;) Kiss Me!


Kiss You

Thank-you and Mwah Xxx

Oh Be-Jesus-in-Ka-Ryyyyst!

My blog now has 32 followers (Yay) and (Danke muchly to each and every 1 of you)

You may or may not know this :- but the number 3 is very special to me…

And the number 33 is simply orgasmic for my ears/eyes/life and general senses!

So I feel it only fair and fitting; to plant this giant great smackaroonie here, for the next wonderful soul, who for some reason, subscribes to read the bilge that spills from these hills

Mwah all over town for subscriber 33!

And I don’t want anyone to feel left out, plus I’m highly grateful to ‘all and any’ readers of my page

So please all have a kiss too.