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‘Changing the World’ (and it’s associated Malarkey)… is bloody hard work! ;)


I tried to woo you with politics and failed miserably.

Are we ever going to stand up for the elderly? (They need your ‘left click’ ;))

Then I utilised my crappy sense of humour and this gave the post marginally better results, but they were still very poor, far less than I need to whoop Cammy Boy’s ass.

Then I tried to poke your emotional weak spots, by using your Grandparents against you (very low I know)!

Then I tried some good old fashioned begging

And then I resorted to plain old emotional blackmail – and held you all responsible for my sobbing soul

ALL that effort and I got about 10 citizens to join my ‘Save the Biddie’s’ club, (on all 3 posts ;/)…So I’m un-sticking the campaign post, cos its clearly not doing it’s job. And I’m gonna go back to the drawing board, on how to influence the masses 😉

Fear not Oldies, Dawny has not forgotten you, she will bring you back to full glory when plan H has been formulated

Dear Members of the World, you are hard work! 😉