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Mergence of Sarcasm and Magnificence = ‘Life’s Heady Heights’ @ Dawny’s


SUCCESS is wholly subjective goals 4

When the theme tune for Jeremy Kyle tickles my ear drums, the rush of ‘feel good chemicals’ go wild in the aisles of my brain…and it is in joyful moments like these, when I feel most successful 🙂goals 2

When Meredith’s mother told her to be extraordinary; she didn’t mean an extraordinary surgeon, she meant an extraordinary person!

I wrote the following, when I had the ‘royal hump’ and it’s rather sarcastic and self (+ existence) deprecating! (AND also, sadly true :))

I decided this year was gonna be theeeee year of my life! (After year 33 went a little ‘tits up’ to say the least) Read the rest of this entry

It would seem ‘Dreams are for Big Girls’ too…


I was an odd child

I was swathed in more negativity than your average 73-year-old, I can only imagine I must have been a bitter wench in my last life, and I didn’t get a chance to cleanse my self pity regions, before I was re-born again in the 70’s!

I had dreams… but I had no belief, and I was so sad ;(

I had no belief in myself, but worse than that, in the world. It was like having a raging fire in my belly the entire time; but with a (24/7) jet wash directly blasting its centre.

Then I got older and…

(Before I explain this next bit, I am not suggesting I have wanted to die all this time. NOT at all…OK? I’M really NOT)

But…I have always looked forward to 2012 in the Mayan sense. Any Armageddon scenario has perks, as I think there is something enormously relieving about us all going together, and never having to suffer the pain of losing everyone we love, one by one. Read the rest of this entry

Short Number 3 – “When?” (I’m nearly ‘up to date’ for my one a week, yay!)


English: Angry woman.

It’s not just that you fool

There is a book to write, a degree to finish, an album to complete, I haven’t even started on project piano, and you know I have the theatre to consider, and the boys!

When am I supposed to find time to fucking love you

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