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Star Dust to Awareness, Ego to Collective Consciousness! Magically Mind Bending Squit!


I watched this documentary the other night on stars AND IT WAS BLOODY AMAZING! So much so, that I’m considering dipping into BBC4 on a regular basis, even though the dry old ‘voice over’s’ sound like a bunch of stoned aristocrat’s; and whether male or female, they have a shockingly negative impact on my general well-being! (It doesn’t take much environmental stimuli, to send me over the royal edge ;))

Anyhoo, according to a plethora of clever people, we are made of star-dust or less romantically (I quote) – nuclear waste!

Apparently, there are 92 things in the entire universe and we’re all made of these 92 things. Everything on earth; stars, plants, animals, sea-life, humans, the ocean, other planets etc…

Humans however, have somehow popped out with rather more troubles than say – your average Yucca plant! How did we, as balls of matter made of exactly the same stuff as everything else, end up in this pickle we call reality?

How did we go from atoms/dust – to individuals who know they exist? Where did we collect our ego along the way? And what a bleeding disability to throw upon us (an ego), with mere space dust as the starting block of life. Read the rest of this entry

Dear Ego, come talk to me, of course I agree with you…Love self xxx



Image by zandwacht via Flickr

I guess the ego wishes for this kind of recognition and understanding,

And even the stupidest of people know that the ego is responsible for most quasi-woes,

But sometimes we’re forced to listen to it anyway because unfortunately, none of us manage to escape its existence within us, and subsequently we’re all plagued by its irritating wails for attention,

Am I selfish for needing someone to see how hard this is for me?

Am I a bad person for wanting someone to just understand why I’m all over the place, verbally, emotionally, cognitively? Does anyone see the cost and also the intention? Read the rest of this entry