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Ouch!!!!! Ouch!! and Fooooking Ouch Again!!!


Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart

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I’m in shock! (and moaning again, which I can only apologise for as it’s becoming a tad incessant on this ere page, but i’m not feeling ever so cheery of late, what with life currently being a complete mo-fo. I blame bloody saturn but that’s a whole nother story!!)

The story goes…I’ve managed to avoid a broken heart for 32 years, 32 sweet sweet years; and fuck me, how how how how how much does this shit hurt?????

The pain is just immense…

I can’t hear anything, I can’t see anything, I can barely feel my skin, I’ve lost my mind, the only way I can explain it is that I have become nothing but a giant failing heart, that has been stampeded by 40,354 buffalo, injected with heartburn and coated in bleach!

What is shocking me most is it’s relentless bloody unending ‘steady as a rock’ level of pain. There are no waves like before, I went under as soon as it happened and I’ve yet to come up for air. Read the rest of this entry