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The Girls Brigade does Ladette to Lady


Sorry? Come again?

I said Blazers from the House of Frazer!


Not on your Nelly? You control the TV, right? I’m too heavy to jump, being an elephant

However, since I became skeletor, I weigh very little, so I jump everywhere I go now, just because I can…Such feather weight qualities are a true gift in disguise, why saunter when you can hop?

Hopping has become a seriously under-rated sport, hence its secret nature… Read the rest of this entry

Eugenics without murder = Ladette to Lady


Rosemary is a chef, food enthusiast and TV per...

For any of you that are not aware of this delightful television program – The general gist is to improve the behaviour of a selection of ‘out of control girls’; via methods that were used in the finishing schools of the 19th century.

Please note the main goal for the girls participating in this program, is to become a clone of Rosemary Shrager.

During their stay at the mansion of change, they are taught how to dress; how to speak; how to laugh; when to laugh; how to cook; how to sew buttons onto shirts; how to arrange flowers… and how to not get your boobies out in public.

This television programme (although mildly entertaining) is like a giant kick in the teeth to every suffragette. And to all the women who burnt their bras, and tied themselves to gates and fences in order to secure the female vote.

I believe there is mass grave turning happening every Thursday evening from 8 ‘til 9pm

For me, this program is nothing more than a training package to become – A successful candidate for the Stepford wives club Read the rest of this entry