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Slowly Does it…all you fellow ‘Crazies!’


I have never understood how people manage to soak in the bath for a whole hour, without slamming their head on the taps (or something similar), to overcome the sheer unadulterated mind bending boredom of lying still like a corpse underwater!

My baths take approx 8 to 12 minutes, depending on whether or not my leg hair is at a ‘tongable length’, and needs removing

I’m always watching people who seem to be chilled and relaxed most of the time, in the hope I’ll spot a trick to steal, and become less highly strung by copying it. My Mum’s hubby is a prime example of this kinda person, and he’s a very busy guy.

The difference seems to be about speed

He moves at the pace of a slug, no matter what the job, he only knows how to poodle on down Read the rest of this entry