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Confessions of a Blogger…’Ohhhh father forgive me?’


Confession (film)

Forgive me father, for I have sinned...

I am responsible for at least 50 (or maybe even up to 57) hits; to my own page

I have voted for myself before, TWICE! The first vote was a ‘nudge’ styleee one ;). The 2nd is less confessional in style, because I have a bit of an OCD fetish with yellow, orange and red; they need to be in ratio/balance with my viewing tastes. And the screen needed some orange to soothe my anxiety (my lovely vote stars are orange; you can press on them to see the beauty if you like. I find 5 works best, visually of course ;))

I would like to UNCONFESS to liking my post entitled ‘It takes 7 seconds to fall in love, does it??!’ I was logged in a few weeks ago and I got one of them beautiful little orange notifications (god they excite me) and apparently, I (littlebeut333) had just read and liked my own post!

(Insert to WordPress…this is not helpful to my ‘blog cred’)

I DID like my own post about being a tree, and I shamelessly slapped myself on the bottom of it, in the ‘like’ area.

I have clicked LIKE on around 6-8 posts from other bloggers, after just skimming their work. Shocking, I know! Read the rest of this entry

Just a ‘Quick Note’ on the MAJOR page alterations


It’s still the same blog 🙂


'After Pictures' - D.I.Y 'Blog-Over'

Same bilge.

Same author who will do anything to avoid writing essays!

Same sad wench that tried a good 84 wallpapers and wasted all her dongle allowance, and essentially paid 15 squids to download a bitmap image of a flower!

Please expect periodic face-lifts on ‘Random Spillages from a Reportedly Strange Mind’, I blame WordPress with their seductive little page of themes! Doooo check out the little pics opposite the titles on ma new page, how very cute are they?! 🙂 Seduced!

Too dal Pip and Welcome (back/to) my newly ‘made over’ page.

Little Beut Xxxx