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National Express Thought Spillage 4


Green for Danger (film)

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Some might say it isn’t safe, not on my mind, and maybe not for my actual physical existence.

Some might say I visited a place called danger in the physical world, and I collected a citizen from the city centre.

But there are others

… that say my mind took the citizen to a place called the edge of danger, on the corner of terror, and it is Read the rest of this entry

National Express Thought Spillage 5


So Random!

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Well well well

I never know when the Queen of bilge will awaken from hibernation, but it would seem she is back after a rather long hiatus from random thinking. She has had a large amount of sulking to do in light of recent events, and it seems the random button is deactivated when there is a sulking to be done!

Oh how I’ve missed you, my random thought trains and the subsequent drivvel that spills from your hub!

My internal random passing thoughts are intrinsic to the health of my soul; Read the rest of this entry

Just a Quick Point on – My Moral Degradation! ;)


Lion Man SmallBlockExpo06 10

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I am a moral sewer rat after all!

If I was ever going to be seduced into marrying anyone, for anything other than love, I’ve just realised I’d have an answer!

I’m ashamed to say my price is ‘The Lion Man’!

Hanging around with him all day just blows all my previous beliefs about my being for sale, firmly outta the water!

If you don’t know who he is, he is Channel 5’s only redeeming feature (except for The European Blue Review from back in the day) Read the rest of this entry

Hey Hey all you lovely fellow humanoids!!! I’m spilling once again all over town! :)


I'm Back :)

I have just got home from a coach trip of around 3 hours, and my trusty phone caught several spillages on the ride, which started well; due to a truly hilarious flight story (which I shall be documenting with shocked joy and be/amusement soon). So anyway, to follow are the spillages from my phone/tonights pen and paper.

Oh and It’s marvellous to be back BTW 🙂 I have missed interacting in the world of wordpress and I’ve missed my pretty swirly page, though I’ve been reading some true treasures from you guys that I follow (Geraldine files are AMAZING Ingers), and ALL your gems have got me through some dark times. So thank-you pressers; and I hope all readers of my ‘National Express Spillages’ either mildly enjoy or despise these little snippets from my once again overactive mind, welcome to tonights journey

…on the National Expressssss (you can sing the last line ‘like the song’ if you so wish) Go On!!! 🙂

There are 7 in all, and they will all be here very shortly…

Here be the first 3…

National Express Thought Spillage 1


“A small amount of delusion in ones psyche, is not only desired, but required in order to realise ones dreams.”

Mad (magazine)

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(Quick Insert – Don’t ask me where the ‘ones’ popped from, I haven’t turned posh! ;))

The 5 positions available will be filled by the 5 graduates who are insane enough to believe their skills make them the perfect superior choice for the job.

Whilst the 946 other perfect and superior graduates who were blown out, we’re simply all too aware of the tendency to fail, simply due to odds. They are sane enough to spot the bottle neck before their breathing restricts. Read the rest of this entry

National Express Thought spillage 2


English: The face of a black windup alarm clock

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I am not known for my ability to make travel connections. Usually because I fall asleep in airport lounges and train stations! I’ve tried getting my friends and family to call at the appropriate ‘please save my ass’ times, but the ringing of a mere mobile phone does not wake this beast and my poor Mother sweats and worries as she awaits the call, giving her:-

The new destination

The new ETA

And at times requesting she send official documentation to Embassies! Read the rest of this entry

National Express Thought Spillage 3



Image by withrow via Flickr

‘Procrastination Stations’

(Insert – I have no idea why Zamenta has decided i’m talking about the joy of babies, but there are many of them suggested, so I thought…Why not!)

I did my usual of packing my study books with the deluded goal of completing an entire weeks work on the commute across land and sea! Read the rest of this entry

Another Failed Melody line! ;) So ere be ze Lyrics!


Banknoten - Deutsches Reich - 1908 - 1910 - 19...

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Ok, I just tried to make this little set of words into a sparkly song and it totally didn’t work!!!! soooooo, I thought rather than waste my pooey creation completely, i’d write it up instead.

It might be a bit confusing, so here’s a quick synopsis… it’s a tale of flicking through the newspaper and summing up what is going on 🙂 I hope you enjoy, you never know, you might even find some better chords yourself and make number 1 with it :)))) if you do, don’t forget my £10’er copyright fee…


Todays black and white headlines, a snapshot of us all, I think I once heard that money, would drive the people crazy…

Predicted truly deeply see below!

Verse 2…

We can stop the ice age, with a stash of silver foil, what loon paid good money, for this ere little theory?

Another’s paid to warn us there’s NUTS in bags of NUTS, this info is worth money, this task provides a salary! Read the rest of this entry

Love light, Fall soft…or listen and fall UNCONSCIOUS!!


Cover of "The Other Half"

Cover of The Other Half

So much advice

Be vulnerable, be scared, have pieces missing from your puzzle,
Pieces that those who love you can fill with their own funny shaped cardboard sections,
Be weaker, be softer, forgive more, learn to bend

So she did,

Currently she is half naked, with only some of her limbs intact and even less of her heart and soul,
She is so soft that now when she tries to walk without your cardboard, she just falls over. Read the rest of this entry

Rantus Momentus from 1,2 and/or 7


Crazy (Gnarls Barkley song)

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Life is a BITCH!!!

I have worked my ass off for years, trying to build bits in my brain that draw my perception of reality somewhere more in line with the average person (chortle chortle at the idea of an ‘average’ person (do you know any? ;)). Back in the day ‘average’ was a mathematical term, which needed to stay where it belonged in my humble opinion; defining numbers not people) anyway, back onto the other rage filled track I was on…

As I was saying, years I’ve worked my ass off, and I’ve lost it again. I only know this because I’ve just had a conversation with my best friend who has gently filled me in on the levels of my vile spitting tongue and the extremes of my warped mind processes. Apparently the levels are previously unseen. It would take me 14 years to explain the following statement properly but i’m sure you can still apprecite it’s pooey-ness…he kindly said Read the rest of this entry

Do you find ‘Gems’ in manure, as well as in jewellery stores?


Nearly octahedral diamond crystal in matrix.

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If you believe everything happens for a reason, you can always find a diamond in the manure.
If you believe there is a lesson to be learnt from every experience, you become wiser after both good and bad times.
If you believe that literally anything is possible; then sense, logic and reason can be found in almost all actions and happenings.
If you believe in even the POSSIBILITY of enlightenment as a reality, you have access to one of lifes routes to understanding… ‘IT ALL’.

If you believe everything happens cos life is life, there are no diamonds in manure, there are only diamonds in diamonds. Read the rest of this entry

“Revenge is a reflex action”, this is why we’re ‘screwed’ til further notice!!


Knife fight

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Fate takes us on paths in order to teach us lessons, we move forwards on these paths and lanes when and if we grow, and we move sideways if we make changes that ‘shrink’ us.

Nothing shifts you sideways quite like the path we ALL walk on in order to understand the relationship between hurt, wrongs, pain and revenge.

Some label this path life’s toughest. Nothing proves more testing to the psyche than constantly marching in the wrong direction inspite of your best efforts to aim the self. The old you is dying but immortal, so you are duty bound to lug her/him around with you…just you and your poisonous, small minded bigoted twin, chucked over your newly formed unchipped (but smothered) shoulder. Moving nowhere but sideways, and slowly to boot…

“Revenge is a reflex action”…(moi, 2011) Read the rest of this entry

Dear Ego, come talk to me, of course I agree with you…Love self xxx



Image by zandwacht via Flickr

I guess the ego wishes for this kind of recognition and understanding,

And even the stupidest of people know that the ego is responsible for most quasi-woes,

But sometimes we’re forced to listen to it anyway because unfortunately, none of us manage to escape its existence within us, and subsequently we’re all plagued by its irritating wails for attention,

Am I selfish for needing someone to see how hard this is for me?

Am I a bad person for wanting someone to just understand why I’m all over the place, verbally, emotionally, cognitively? Does anyone see the cost and also the intention? Read the rest of this entry

Writing…My ‘Fix’, My ‘Medicine’, My ‘Poison’…


Dear pretty page,

I miss you,

And over time I’ve come to realise I need you,

But now you have become a dangerous aid, because I thought me and you were a sure thing, so I let you become all sorts of things, only to find you are not always available when I need you…

And now I’m lost without you…

When I can’t talk to you, I am in withdrawal and unable to access any medication that comes near to your healing capabilities,

You are my fix,

But unlike other unhealthy addictive substances, you couple as THEEE medicine for the come down… from yourself, not even nature produces a high this clever… Read the rest of this entry

“I couldn’t tell her…I just couldn’t”…!



Image by gogoloopie via Flickr

Are any of us immune ://??

Sometimes it’s ‘Mum’, often it’s ‘Dad’, or the ‘Nan’ you call ‘Gran’…Sometimes the ‘Vicar’. For her it’s her ‘Best Friend’; his someone is his ‘Big Brother’. Then there are the others to consider…daughters, sisters, lovers, teachers, colleagues, good friends, bad friends…

But I’ve yet to meet one soul who doesn’t have one…

One what?

One person who we can’t tell certain truths to, now matter how bold we become. And we withhold these truths why? Not because they can or would DO anything about our truths, and not because they are actually AFFECTED by them either… Read the rest of this entry

‘Blood, Sweat (a little wee-wee) and Tears’…of Laughter! :)


Travel Bike

The Hawk Courier!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the machine that is ‘The Hawk Courier’, it is a highly attractive ‘fold up’ bike from the ‘80’s’. You know the ones with a tiny teeny strange shaped frame (to allow it to fold up like a pushchair!), and wheels with a diameter of around 8 inches. ;0… it had a strangely ‘low-set’ seat. And though it paraded as an adults bike, whether you were 4’9” or 6’3”…when seen riding one, you looked like you’d borrowed it off your 5-year-old 😉

Mum’s particular little beauty was fashioned in a vibrant blue and proudly emblazoned across its main (teeny tiny) middle bar, in gold, was ‘The Hawk Courier’!! Read the rest of this entry

Most Perfectionist’s get ‘Life’, I got away with ’27 years’!!


Fences of a Federal Prison in the U.S.

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Life is made up of two types of people

– Perfectionists


– Non-Perfectionists

The reasons why we end up in either pile are vast, complex and far-reaching. For the most part, these reasons are deeply entrenched into our psyche, as early as our teenage years…certainly by our 20’s, we are firmly in one gang or the other; and we generally stay there for life. I however; am amongst the scattered few who’ve experienced a double perception on this black and white issue. I was a perfectionist and now I am a definite Non’er…

Practical Positives of being a Perfectionist

Bionic Perfectionists whoop ass in all areas; but for most (irritatingly to them) merely human perfectionists; due to frustrating time constraints, that they concisely calculated in alphabetical order back in year 11 of life… Read the rest of this entry

Dear Media..Please ‘Catch Up’, ‘Fess Up’, ‘Cheer Up’ and ‘Get Real’


Have I Got News for You

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The Media – Arguably the most influential of all the ‘institutions’ of our bizarre time, for instilling lorry loads of clap-trap into our conscious and subconscious minds. In a quest to warp rational thought; re-shape opinions based on logic and experience, into those based on tripe instead, tripe masquerading as fact. And also of course, to make us purchase Levi’s, just because fit guys wash them in 1970’s styleee romanticised launderettes…

Now we Brits are known for many things but I don’t think naivety is one of them. I think 99% of us KNOW that ‘A source said’ is poorly obvious code for ‘Beth in the gossip column made this up in the brainstorming session this morning’! Read the rest of this entry

A ‘Hand’ is Everything, and only a commodity for the ‘Wisest Travellers’


Right hand

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When you climb a cliff, there are always several edges on the way up,

But the top is typically the point we aim to reach,

The top is where things look most amazing,

The higher we go, the more it takes our breath away,

So we can’t help but keep trying to get to that point,

Compared to the bottom, compared to the middle, the top is always ‘most’,

The greatest climb, the ultimate destination, it is heady, it is exciting, but you cannot have the top without the danger of the edge, Read the rest of this entry

‘Life is a Stage and We are the Actors’…Go learn your lines ‘Chameleons’!!


Stage Idol

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”Goffman’ is one of my favourite ever ‘social thinkers’; he mustered up a whole host of  interesting/intriguing and insightful theories on us humans in his time. This particularly beautiful little theory of his, which I’m gonna attempt to delve into, is explained fully in his book ‘The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life’.

He had a magic all of his own, a magic you seldom see in the worlds of ‘Academia and/or Science’. His dry old cronies produced papers with ‘similarly genius content’, but as reading scientific journal papers is kinda similar to pulling your own teeth out, via a japanese instruction manual;  sadly most knowledge in them, stays within a pretty small community, within an even smaller community.

But ‘Goffman’ used a mixture of clever yet simplistic metaphors and ‘almost’ poetic descriptions to explain the complex ways of society; Read the rest of this entry