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With this brain – I do believe I’ve fallen Asleep for SURE this time!


While the Attorney Is Asleep

Bear with me, just a mere few hours (fooooking hurry up)

And I may well be confirming that A) After 10 to 14 days of absolutely no sleep, I single-handedly solved an epic police tale all by my self! Literally Epic

B) I indeed should have been an investigator and added to this, Dawny is officially not crazy, she now only has a giant vendetta for the NHS! (I’m not after their money, just their shame and a very long-winded apology/I did it!

LARGELY, only a true crazy lady could have ever arrived at the gargantuan and ridiculous conclusion that I reached, back in the day! And only an actual real life super-man and I think super woman too, YES DEF…may have actually done the truliest spandangly thing I’ve ever heard of, in my entire drama filled Scorpion existence Read the rest of this entry