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Now what is left in your bag of tools? Nada!! :)


Dear Stalker,

Oh how you must have adored listening live to the utter chaos you created in my mind and living room for 6 long years: you really need to learn the basics of 2 people embarking on a relationship. Most of them end. I thought you were bright enough to grasp this at least… But I guess what with you being God and all that, i’m sure it was a new and uncomfortable feeling to digest, when you weren’t worshiped;

When i saw the red in the clear still water it made you squirm

Now all credit to ya, you did a grand job of painting the perfect pictures of my insanity and you played me like a fiddle you little marvel you. But here’s what your left with now, NOTHING. Because it was only ever a matter of time before you drove me so bonkers that I figured it was you girl…you behind it all. You are nothing more than a little teddy belly’d, ‘milky bar kid’ back stage bully. Too shy to show your face, to consumed with your godly sense of self to even understand the planned violation of another human! Guess what, I’ve already mass published every dark and twisty document for you, from my hard drive… to save you time and money. And the tall intriguing bullshit tales you have lovingly written have been sent to the globe and his mates too. My closet was opened years ago, yours?… stolen plugs are really quite easily replaceable and I expected a little more from you to be honest Read the rest of this entry