Following from the Page ‘Littlebeut333 Wants To Change The World’

July 1 2009 march

Heres me trying to change the world, by simply pointing out what is wrong with it…Not so helpful, but great if you’re having a scornful day and you feel like wallowing in the pity of another human. Still, all moaning aside, there is wisdom and knowledge here in. I swear! On the Bible/Not on the Bible cos I’m a fanatic religious atheist remember?

I’m a ‘Lover not a Fighter’..But I wanna poke Cameron in the EYE!

Mmmmm lets turn the street lights off when its dark so

A) We can save 4 pence a night per light (I made that figure up BTW, as the amount is irrelevant when you consider the OTHER costs)

B) We can tolerate a 864% rise in crime for any ’4 pences’, wherever they may be saved (Doh on the multiple 4 pences this rise in ‘safe crime’ will ADD)

C) Lets leave the CCTV on, so we can view all the black screens of evidence! YOU are a MORON Cameron

D) Thanks for removing the funding for a much needed service, and my job (which BTW) took 5 years for me to get the skills for, and I was completely unpaid for them! Lets remove the jobs that cost the economy nothing too …. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

E) You’re just a twat!

F) Empty my bin you LOON, you have removed the recycling facilities and I can’t swallow the remains of my microwave meal, it’s plastic!

G) WE DO NOT all live in self lit, remote controlled, gated communities Cammy Boy…you self centred, 1920′s thinking Peeeeeeeeeeeenus!

Rant Over! :0 Farewell!

EVERYONE should know this!

Corporate crime and government torture is rife! The damage and harm it causes, far dwarfs the harm caused in those familiar stories of crime we all HEAR so much about
2.2 million people DIED at work in 2010 in our world……directly due to, and related to their working environment. That would be a spot of ‘Mass Murder’ then!
Most of the kids in Bangladesh are blind cos companies dump toxic waste in their shores, even though the ‘Basel Convention’ made this illegal 6 years ago! CORPORATIONS AND GOVERNMENTS poison, murder, destroy and disable; and spend millions getting people in the know to RE-DEFINED/SHAPED them as more palatable events like:
‘food poisoning’, ‘health and safety issues’, and ‘natural disasters’
Check CCA website for figures! Tis SHOCKING and tis MURDER
Spread the word on the true nature and scale of crime in this world, and think twice before you judge someone for having a criminal record. Send them judgements upwards, as there is no understanding of crime without an understanding of power, and those at the top play the dirtiest of all
The swindlers of the ‘White Collar Destruction Derby’ are still running round the world getting away with this. We could act now, or in your next life, you could come back as a little boy from Mumbai ( and then you will wish working conditions were better ‘abroad’)

‘Contradictions’ of a Common Kind?…

I have to do it all, but I need to do nothing,

I am empty.

I am over flowing,

I long for your touch, continuously, but I require solitude for sanity,

I re-run the same naïve mistakes, yet as stupidity repeats, my wisdom increases…

I know not what I need, and I don’t know all I don’t need,

I yearn to be tamed. I fight all attempts,

I am so tired, yet I have never felt more alive,

Am I strange or just human?

Complex contradictions of a common kind,

Is inconsistency the only consistent left among us all?

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