You Said There is Something Beautiful About Sadness…Why?


Because we are real when we are sad             sadness

Because it deepens the shallow and weakens the strong

Because it is where I often rest, and where there is rest, there is peace. Peace is not happiness per se’.

Because it is probably not your resting state…it is the opposite of normal for the majority of people. It is different and that which is different is always beautiful, even if that beauty remains hidden to most

Because it is the music and the melody of the ‘resting places’ on the journey to riches of the soul…Depth. Compassion. Insight. Empathy. Wisdom. Love. Forgiveness

Because it is a force of nature and a force for change

Because it is so seldom seen for ALL that it is

Because it is raw even when numb (An emotional oxymoron and a living breathing truth)

Because it is written in the trees…When they lose the leaves they nurtured solely and fully…they bear the loss within. As autumn takes away their cherished offspring, the sadness of loss leaves a scar on the inside. Hidden in those majestic torsos, hidden from outside viewing; yet residing in the sturdiest part of their being…Our scarred hearts are so poetically reflected in the scarred trunks of every living tree.

Because you don’t always get to choose your life’s companion and for some of us, our journey is traveled with sadness at our side

Because it is intrinsically linked to pain; and pain is a motivator like no other. Our minds can and will do everything in their power to escape and temper it. That power is infinite. This allows for phenomenal alterations in our deepest recesses

Because sadness ‘rides’ with adversity. Both break us. Both make us

Because when it is not being all these transformative things, it is chased away and categorised as bad

Because it is only the special, the strange and the different who can ever know its true value

Because it makes up half of my soul

Because it made me grateful for people and things I once took for granted…I took a whole lot for granted when I was happily blind, half asleep, shallow, perky, cruel and unaware

Because its opposing force…’Happiness’…made me spiritually ugly. But sadness made me part beautiful, and that part of me is something I treasure

Because I knew someone special who rested there too, and I lost him….He remains unforgettable and irreplaceable. But…for short, teeny, tiny, sections of partial moments, I dared to believe we could be together…whilst forever understanding each others need to keep our shared and lifelong companion close by…

And sometimes…Just…Because

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